Why Take the Risk Alone?

With most consulting firms, the risk of using them is entirely yours. If you’re not happy with them, the only recourse you have is to fire them. But that doesn’t usually happen until you’ve wasted a lot of your money on them.

We have a different plan for you.

We’re so confident of our ability to complete your projects and show you verifiable results in the first two weeks, that we’re willing to put those fees on the line.

Our methodology for executing a project is to provide tangible results as quickly as possible, so that you can see how you’re spending your money. If we work more than a couple of weeks without providing you with concrete progress toward completion of your project, then we’re not doing our job and deserve to be fired.If you’re not completely delighted with the work we do for you, just tell us. If either we can’t fix the problems or you don’t want us to fix them, we’ll refund the first $15,000 of fees (excluding agreed-upon expenses) you’ve paid us for that project.

It’s that simple. Put CustomBytes to the test on your next I.T. project.

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