Automated Contact Lens Manufacturing

Four manufacturers needed an automated system to manufacture specialty contact and intra-ocular lenses for sale to doctors and the general public.  The system includes several high-speed lathes and robots and can produce over 200 lenses per day on each lathe with a minimum of operator handling, 10-micron tolerances, and automated closed-loop calibration for each lathe.

We have since modified the original application numerous times so it now is capable of creating both contact lenses and intra-ocular lenses, and the application is in use in several locations in Europe.

The software we wrote consists of a custom Linux-based process automation control program that controls all lens movement within the facility, a database engine (Informix 7 was originally used and one of the facilities later upgraded to Oracle Database Server) and an operator/order entry program written in Visual Basic for .NET.  We developed all code for this project and continue to provide maintenance and enhancements as desired by the customers.

Customer has been our customer since 1996.