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Eight Reasons to Select CustomBytes

1. We’re so confident that our services will delight you that we’re willing to provide a money-back guarantee for the first $15,000 of the project (not including any agreed-upon expenses). We lower your risk in a way that few consulting companies are willing to do.

2. You need more than just a programmer!  You need someone who can speak your language to help you create the best solution to your I.T. needs in the shortest time.  You also need a company that can act like an extension of — or replacement for — your I.T. department without involving you in the day-to-day aspects of creating an I.T. solution.

3. You need a company that knows how to finish a project.  The last 20% of the project should not take 80% of the time.  Why spend 100% of your budget for an 80% solution?

4. We want you to become a repeat customer.  One of our core beliefs is that we are intent on making you a hero within your organization for having selected us to provide

5. We have years of experience working in numerous business, manufacturing, and technology environments, so we can provide you with innovative and cost-effective solutions to your needs.

6. More Expensive is not better!  Why should you have to pay $250+ per hour per person to a big consulting company that measures its employees’ performance by how many hours they can bill you?  Spending a lot on consulting services DOES NOT mean you get more or better consulting services. We work with you to maximize the results you get from your I.T . investment.

7. Either we will use the tools/languages/systems you’ve already chosen for your environment or we’ll recommend the best tools/languages/systems for the job.  We don’t sell software and we aren’t “tool zealots”; we won’t try to convert you to the wrong products just to make more money.

8. Don’t waste time with overseas outsourcing!  Outsourcing your projects to India or Russia might save you a little money, but you’ll spend more of your time managing the project and overcoming the language, cultural, and time-zone issues, resulting in a more expensive project overall. Do you have the time and resources to do that?

You can’t go wrong by choosing CustomBytes for all your I.T. consulting needs. We guarantee it!