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How Can We Help You?

CustomBytes specializes in helping to increase your company’s sales and decrease your company’s expenses through the strategic application of custom and retail software applications. We’re focused on helping you improve your bottom line.


Services for Your Business

•  Custom Software Application Development
•  E-Commerce and Web Application Development
•  Reporting (Web or Custom Application)
•  Eliminating “Data Islands” and Productivity “Black Holes”
•  Data Aggregation/Summarization/Transformation
•  Application Migration Services (UNIX to Windows to …)
•  Database Design and Management
•  I.T. Assessment Services
•  Retail Application Evaluation (Which is best for you?)

Services for Manufacturing

In addition to our general business services, we also provide software services tailored specifically for our manufacturing clients:

•  Process Control (discrete or continuous)
•  Process Monitoring (discrete or continuous)
•  Data Collection
•  Data Aggregation/Summarization/Transformation
•  Data Analysis
•  Device (robots, programmable controllers, etc.) Interfacing