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Who Are We?


CustomBytes was started in 1996 by Andy Feibus, an industry veteran who has helped start three other I.T. consulting firms in the past 25 years. After having spent the early part of his career at IBM and Hewlett-Packard, Andy went on to help found Processware (a manufacturing software company) and Process Systems and Integration (an I.T. consulting firm specializing in manufacturing clients), and has consulted to clients such as Nabisco, General Foods, Owens-Corning, Cadillac Products, and others. Andy has also been the Chief Technology Officer of E-Train and MobileBriefs.

Additionally, Andy has written over 300 technical articles for magazines such as InformationWeek, Open Systems Today, and HP Professional and is the author of the book UNIX, Quick! (Professional Press, 1990), a beginner’s guide to learning the UNIX Operating System. Andy also spent time as the primary writer behind the “Ask Dr. PC” column for Home PC magazine.

Andy founded CustomBytes with three core beliefs:

(1) offer the customer the best value by billing reasonable rates for only the time actually spent doing work;

(2) always be open and honest with the customer;

(3) make the customer look like a genius for hiring CustomBytes.

Those beliefs have served CustomBytes well and have helped us grow our business by relying on word-of-mouth customer references. When we work for you, we’ll rely on your reference as well.