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How Do We Work With You?


First, we listen. You tell us what you want, your budget for time and money, your priorities, anything you think we need to know to succeed. You tell us in your own words, don’t worry about learning “tech-speak”; we talk business as well as technical, so tell us in the way you’re most comfortable.

Next, we interview anyone else you feel needs to be a stakeholder in the project. We get their views, their ideas, their needs, their desires. We summarize these for you in a follow-up conversation, so that you can include or discard these ideas. The stakeholders need to be heard, but since you’re paying for it, the final decisions are yours to make.

Finally, we deliver what you want. If you want us to first create design documents, we’ll do that.  If you’d like to see prototypes first, we’ll do that instead. If you’d like for us to estimate a schedule, we’ll do that as well. If you just want a working solution as fast as possible, we’ll jump right on that!

At the end of the project, you’ll have working software that matches what we agreed to produce, understandable user documentation, and any desired design or programmer documentation for future supportability.

Notice that none of the above mentions tools. If you want us to use special tools for any portion of the project, we’ll do that, but the project’s success is usually not about the tools, so we don’t focus on that. We focus on delivering what you want, when you want it…

And guarantee our results.