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MobileBriefs – Mobile Audio Distribution

A news and information service needed a web site for adding and distributing information as well as a Windows-based client to provide easier and automated access to the news and information.

A full description of the service can be found at  The web site supports adding and editing new content, security to control who can add/edit content, support for user recording or text-to-speech conversion of this content, and distribution of the content specifically to users who are interested in it (determined by the categories of information that the user is interested in viewing/hearing).  The site also supports creating assessments tied to one or more pieces of content (either on the site or external to the site) and manager assigning/tracking of those assessments.  Content can be saved by users with notes and sent to other users.  Searches can be saved for later viewing.  The Windows client supports scheduled downloads to a user’s iPod, Pocket PC digital assistant (like an HP iPaq), or burned to a CD.

Because this was a subscription service sold both to individuals and to corporations for re-branding, a complex “shopping” experience had to be created as well as support for multiple skins, depending on the marketing link used to access the site.

We created all software for this service over a period of two years and continue to maintain and extend it as needed. The web site is written using Java and Java Server Pages, as well as HTML 4.0; the Windows client was written using Visual C++ and was runs under Windows Server and Windows Desktop operating systems.  The underlying database engine is Oracle Database Server and the web application server is Oracle/BEA WebLogic, both running on Sun servers.  File serving is done via Apache on Linux servers. A Windows server provides audio and text transformation services (written mostly in Perl) as well as an auto-attendant application (written in Visual Basic) that allows users to add or access content from their phone.

NOTE: The site look shown in the examples, below, was developed by the CEO of MobileSoft. For your site’s look, a professional web designer would be contracted, providing exactly the web site experience you desire for your customers.

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